2017 Project – The Longest Triathlon


locandina ila-modifINTRODUCTION: The challenge of 2017 starts with an inner need of finding always different elements, in comparison with those of past years. From year to year,  new challenges and broadened horizons, limits and potentiality that are explored in every details thanks to the continuous inner growth: the travel of the origin as an explorer, the challenge of NordKapp, the Trans Am race….

Again this year, the travel’s dimension is the real goal: 7.000 km in which the cycling stage  will be much longer, in comparison with the previous ones of the latest trips. Ilaria will ride her bicycle for 5.425 km along the west perimeter of Europe, and this after having swum for 210 km with the start in Goro (FE). She will come back from Berlin to Ferrara, running and walking for 1.365 km along the bicycle paths of Germany and Austria.

Objective: a total of 7.000 km, comprising 210 swimming, 5.425 cycling and 1.365 running

Estimated time: 80 days


Swimming: starting from Goro (Italy) and arriving in Ancona (Italy), 200 km south along the Adriatic Sea

Cycling: starting from Ancona (Italy) and arriving in Berlin (Germany), crossing central Italy to Rome, circumnavigating the European coasts clockwise from Anzio (Italy) passing through France and northern Spain, north-west France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Running: starting from Berlin (Germany) and arriving in Ferrara (Italy) through Germany and Austria

Departure date: 1st June 2017

Note: the track spot GPS system to be used throughout the entire journey

NB: the definitive route is still in the planning stage in terms of total kilometers, proportions of swimming, cycling and running and total journey time.

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